Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg

Organization Affiliation

Shaarey Zedek

Bio Information

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg, a native of Columbus, Ohio, attended Ner Israel and received his ordination from the late renowned "Gaon" Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman, zt"l, in June, 1986. He then studied at Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem and attended the Talmudic University of Florida in Miami, receiving a second ordination from Rabbi Yochanon Zweig. In 2007, Rabbi Rosenberg became the Senior Rabbi at Shaarey Zedek Congregation, the largest orthodox congregation in the San Fernando Valley. In addition to his work within the valley community, Rabbi Rosenberg currently serves as president of the Rabbinical Council of California, whose membership numbers include over 80 Rabbis in the state, and has served on the Aleinu Halachic Advisory Board during its existence.